About Me

I am a highly qualified and experienced project manager with an engineering background. He has a proven track record in managing complex projects, as evidenced by his work in the MELLODDY consortium and in biotech projects with leading pharmaceutical companies. Currently, I am responsible for leading projects that aim to resolve the most difficult medical challenges ,such as the development of biomarkers and the optimisation of clinical trials, by applying advanced machine learning techniques. I am a quick learner who enjoys new challenges as well as being a competent person with a high level of perseverance. I have worked for both start-ups and multinational companies in China, Argentina, France and the UK.

A product manager isometric illustration.

Project Management

I am working across multiple functional areas (design, engineering, data, sales, marketing, communications, customer support) to deliver technology-powered products that solve real customers problems in a way that meets the needs of the business.

I am constantly balancing strategic thinking with pragmatic operational execution - defining, prioritizing and executing product roadmaps from ideation to launch. I am both user-focused (keeping the customer at the heart of everything I do) and data-driven (relying on facts rather than opinions to make decisions). I am an open-minded team player with excellent communication skills with fluent proficiency in English, Spanish and French.

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Software Engineering

I'm an advanced python developer, highly skilled in workflow automation and data analysis. I have built back-end algorithms and python libraries tailored for every stage of an Internet of Things device lifecycle (R&D, design, manufacturing, customer support, maintenance).

I took multiple online courses in machine learning. Although my interest in artificial intelligence was initially a scientific curiosity, I soon found creative ways to apply AI to my work. On the side of my full time job, I have launched my one-person company in 2019. I'm helping SMEs to automate business processes by harnessing the full potential of the latest digital technologies.

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Hardware Manufacturing

I graduated from Arts et Métiers (ENSAM), a French engineering school that provides an in-depth knowledge of engineering concepts that are particularly well suited to designing products and production systems.

At Plume Labs, I had the unique opportunity to prototype, design and industrialize an IoT device from scratch, being the first full time engineer hired in the company. Today the device is mass-produced and commercially available worldwide. Throughout the development process I have collaborated with international partners, such as the world renowned design agency Frog, a Chinese manufacturing partner and a myriad of asian  suppliers.


  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM)
    Master of science (M.Sc.) Industrial Engineering
    September 2011 - December 2014

    - Organizational Management
    - Product Engineering
    - Lean Management
    - Industrial Systems Optimization
  • University of Buenos Aires
    International Study Abroad Program in Systems Engineering
    August 2013 - March 2014
  • Lycée Georges Clémenceau Nantes
    Theoretical Physics and Mathematics
    September 2009 - July 2011


  • Cancer genomics and precision Oncology
    Harvard Medical School
  • Introduction to Genomic Technologies
    John Hopkins University
  • Deep Learning Specialization
    Andrew Ng
  • Neural Networks
    University of Toronto
    Geoffrey Hinton
  • Machine Learning
    University of Stanford
    Andrew Ng
  • Game Theory
    University of Stanford
    University of British Columbia