Plume Labs' air quality app on an handled iPhone.

Product Manager

Plume Labs

Plume Labs is an environmental tech company on a mission to make air pollution information accessible and empowering. Best known for their personal pollution sensor, Flow and their pollution forecasting app, Plume Labs: Air Quality App, the company recently added live street-level air quality maps to their artificial intelligence-powered pollution data platform.
Plume Labs’ unique combination of hardware sensors, data platform and air quality expertise has led to numerous high-level partnerships with companies, governments and universities in the EU and beyond. These collaborative efforts are designed to develop highly innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges

My Work Scope

I have been successively System Engineer (in a team of 10), responsible for designing and industrialising an IoT device, and then Product Manager (of a team of 12) responsible for the development and the improvement of mobile, web and IoT products.
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Mobile App

The Plume Labs: Air Quality App gives real-time air quality reports in your area, and around the globe.

Get live street-by-street pollution maps for the world’s major urban areas and detailed information about how air quality will evolve over the next 72 hours—just like a weather forecast.

I  guided our digital products throughout their execution cycles to provide our users with information about air quality around the world. I was responsible for translating my knowledge of both the business objectives and customer needs into a coherent development strategy. I managed multiple functional areas (Engineering, Data Science, Design, Marketing, Communication and Customer Support) to deliver a high quality experience to our customers.
I have been working closely with engineering teams to drive product timelines and guarantee customer satisfaction. I predicted, identified, and troubleshooted possible road-blocks by communicating efficiently within our team. Developing a technology powered product, downloaded more than a million times, had been an exceptional career boost to get hands on experience with product management and agile methodologies.

Internet of Things

Flow the connected air quality monitor from Plume Labs.

Flow maps air pollution variations around you in real time, so you can find clean air whether you're cycling, running, or out in the park with the kids.

It measures real-time concentrations of NO2, VOC, PM2.5 and PM10: everything you need to understand your exposure and build healthy routines.

I joined Plume Labs at the very early stages of the start-up. I was hired in September 2015, to engineer and manufacture a compact IoT device that people can carry with them to track air pollution. Over the years the scope of my work, my missions and my responsibilities evolved with the project's progress.
From 2015 to 2018 I was mostly involved in the IoT product development. I prototyped the micro-electro-mechanical system. It was an incredible technical adventure that mixed pure science with tangible hands-on work. I teamed up with the world-renowned design agency Frog Design at their London studio for 6 weeks. This collaborative process resulted in the elegant industrial design of the object.
By the year 2017, we had taken the product development to the next level. Having spent months engineering the technology behind the product, we had entered into the manufacturing phase. I traveled in China to audit suppliers and select our manufacturing partner. Then we had been working hand in hand with our partners to validate the product design and the manufacturing processes until it was ready for mass production in July 2018.